About me

20+ years of experience as a Creative Director driving successful branding, interaction, and experience design initiatives. Proven ability to leverage technical expertise and creative vision to deliver impactful results. Skilled in leading and motivating teams, fostering client collaboration, and making strategic decisions that achieve business objectives.

You’re likely wanting to investigate my portfolio to see what I’ve done during that time and whether it resonates with your needs. I totally get that and will add that a few images do not tell the complete story of each project—how could they? I’d love to give you the background on the unique challenges that led to their creation. While the final output is fun, meeting and exceeding the project’s goals to delight internal and external stakeholders is the most satisfying. People say things like that; it’s really true for me.

Why all this copy? Knowing a person is as important, if not more than knowing what they can do. I’ve only got your attention for, shoot, probably another fifteen seconds if I’m lucky! I better be quick.

I’m skilled and comfortable working with and leading cross-functional teams in creative and tech. I thrive working directly with clients to get to the heart of their challenges, and I love pitching concepts and campaigns.

I’ve been lucky enough to receive a variety of shifting projects and challenges in my inbox daily. That means I could be:

  • Designing a logo and branding system or configuring WordPress, Joomla, or a homegrown CMS tool
  • Animating in After Effects or brainstorming new product names
  • Wireframing enhancements or presenting large-scale solutions as a part of the sales team
  • Running usability tests or researching design trends
  • Illustrating or researching new tools and plugins
  • Assembling global presentations for leadership or teaching customers how to update their sites
  • Designing collateral or storyboarding a promotional video
  • Analyzing and reporting website traffic or creating materials for tradeshow booths
  • Editing CSS and HTML or working with our partners
  • Editing video reels or optimizing SEO
  • Designing and branding websites or editing audio clips and working with voice-over talent

All of that isn’t to sound braggadocious. It’s to say that I’m an adaptable team player who is ready and happy to adapt to the business’s shifting needs. I’m pleased that people find me results-oriented and easy to work with.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read that, and reach out if you’d like to connect.