incredible recordings

I haven’t had a chance to listen to these yet, but the descriptions sound really interesting.Top 10 Incredible Recordings.

Made a number of small changes to the template that I’m using for this blog. I admit that I wish I had the time to write the template from the ground up, just the way I want it. But essentially I installed one that had the guts of what I wanted and am going forward modifying it until it’s the way I like it. Slacker! There are far too many projects going on now for me to have the energy to put towards this “hobby” (I loathe that word). So, coming up:
– remove the archive list and build a dedicated page for that
– change the rest of the colors for consistency
– add flick photos back
– add my useless videos back
– add my book list back (oh vanity, thy name is book list)
– move post date back to the headline area
– change the header image and logo, I’m sick of both
– sit back, relax and watch the bucu dinero roll in!

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